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Oriental Area Rug Cleaning

Your area rug works hard for you. As well as being a beautiful investment, it also protects your flooring from foot traffic, spills, and stains. So having your area rug cleaned could be a good way to protect your investment. But is it worth having your area rug professionally cleaned?

You may have heard people say it just isn’t worth having your area rug cleaned at all. Some people believe that once you have your rug cleaned, it becomes soiled more quickly, and you will need to have it cleaned more frequently.

Unfortunately some of those claims are true. If you use the wrong system to clean your rugs, they will appear dirty again in no time.

The Truth About Area Rug Cleaning

Many rug cleaning companies use basic equipment that doesn’t extract water. The machine massages the cleaning fluid into the rug, but it doesn’t remove it. Initially, your area rug will appear to be clean. But the remaining sticky residue attracts dirt like a magnet, and soon your rug will be soiled again.

Oriental Area Rug

Why the Chem-Dry Unique Rug Cleaning System Works

  • We remove all residues so your rug won’t attract dirt after it's been cleaned.
  • Your rug can be protected against future spills and stains.
  • We use ancient middle-eastern processes, so even the finest rugs can be restored.
  • Our specialized drying technique preserves dye. So your rug won’t fade.
  • Urine and other odors can be removed, so your area rug will smell fresh again.
  • Unlike some cleaning systems, we can clean fringes so your rug will look brand new.

To protect and restore your area rug to the highest standards, give us a call now! We will provide a free quotation and analyze your rug to make sure the correct cleaning process is used for the materials.

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